About EZWxBrief

EZWxBrief is an affordable progressive web app elegantly designed to blend high resolution supplemental weather guidance with your personal weather minimums. All of this is seamlessly integrated with the EZDeparture Advisor™ a unique approach that quantifies your risk and instantly lets you know the most favorable time to depart based on your personal weather minimums. Check out this short intro video to learn how EZWxBrief can help you minimize your exposure to adverse weather along your proposed route of flight.

Amazing Imagery

The imagery in EZWxBrief is by far the most complete online collection of static imagery available to pilots. You'll have access to hundreds of images meticulously organized into dozens of collections that depict the evolution of adverse weather better in time and space than the heavyweight aviation apps have to offer. The spatial and temporal resolution of the weather guidance is truly mind blowing. There’s no need to fumble through dozens of websites when you can have it all included in one place with EZWxBrief. So are you ready to ditch all of those outdated bookmarks and subscribe to EZWxBrief today?

Expert training

Enjoy unlimited online access to a library of bite-sized and premium aviation weather workshops. These scripted audio and video workshops are developed and narrated by Dr. Scott Dennstaedt, a former NWS research meteorologist and experienced CFI. Basic workshops range from 5 to 20 minutes in length and are designed to pick up where your primary training left off. NEW! Now as part of the annual subscription, all premium workshops from one to three hours long that delve deeper into topics like determining cloud tops, turbulence and the very popular Mastering the Skew-T Diagram are also included in the annual EZWxBrief membership. Are you ready to learn from an expert and challenge your most basic understanding of weather?

Instant answers

The EZDeparture Advisor will absolutely change the way you think about a weather briefing. Pilots spend an enormous time determining the best altitude and route, but what about the best time to depart that meets all of your personal weather minimums? Changing your departure time by just a few hours can make the difference between a flight fraught with complex weather to one that is rather boring. Traditional briefings from the various heavyweight apps makes finding the best time to depart an extremely time consuming task. EZWxBrief provides this in an instant! So do you want to stack the deck in your favor and enjoy the simplicity of EZWxBrief?

Flexible pricing

We are aware that you have a budget with respect to your aviation expenditures. So when it's time to renew your annual membership, tell us what you'd like to spend on EZWxBrief. If you love the application, but only need it occasionally, then name your price. Or perhaps EZWxBrief has saved you a ton of time and lowered your stress and you want to pay a bit more than the standard renewal price. That's also fine. Either way you'll receive our gratitude and our dedication to take this groundbreaking application even further. Please note: Members that renew for less than or equal to $30 will be required to subscribe at the full EZWxBrief price when their annual membership expires next year.

Make no mistake, we are not asking for a donation. We simply don't want price to get in the way of providing you with a life-saving tool that will minimize your exposure to adverse weather. So are you ready to take preflight weather planning to a whole new level and enjoy the simplicity of EZWxBrief?

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